Why volunteer?

There are many reasons to volunteer, but a key one is that it really does make a difference, as the following quote demonstrates:

How beautiful it is when you are a stranger, lost, not knowing who you are and why you are here … You are trying hard to restore ruin around you … And searching for who you are in the traffic of loss, all your attempts are unsuccessful. You are nothing but a semi-human who does not know who he … In the shadow of all pain, you need a hand that holds you in every strength and makes you feel that you are not alone. That hand is Losras. Thank you Losras.

Current volunteering opportunities:

For our work in the community, we are currently in need of:

  • tutors who can teach ESOL
  • tutors who are able to teach Maths

We are accepting applications for volunteer prison visitors and are specifically in urgent need of:

  • bilingual visitors – particularly Albanian or Arabic speakers – but other languages would be really useful

How Can You Help?

Volunteering in the community

  • Can you help empower families and individuals to adjust to life in the UK?
  • Can you help recently arrived children get to grips with their homework?
  • Are you able to teach ESOL?

“Volunteering with LOSRAS is an extraordinary opportunity to meet amazing people, with amazing lives, and to feel part of a wonderful, supportive group.”

What is involved?

LOSRAS organises a group of volunteers who support refugees with the everyday challenges of adjusting to life in a new country and culture. We aim to promote independence, not dependence.

Volunteers with the ability to teach ESOL have the important role of helping adults and children learn English – vital for settling into schools or the community in general.

Volunteers also help children with school work, typically maths and English, but there are a host of other ways to be involved.

For more information about joining the LOSRAS community of volunteers, and what the role entails, please fill in the application form below and email to: info@losras.org

Volunteering at Lewes Prison

  • Are you interested in visiting foreign national prisoners?
  • Can you commit to two hours fortnightly?

“Visiting Lewes prison was an eye opener and establishing a relationship with J was much easier than I had expected.  I felt very well supported and learned loads about deportation issues, as well as about our judicial system.

What is involved?

We have a group of trained volunteers who typically make regular visits to one or more foreign national prisoners to provide a link to a more compassionate outside world.

These prisoners are described as ‘foreign nationals’ because they do not have British or Irish citizenship. They are not necessarily people seeking asylum or refugees; some have been living in the UK since childhood and had no idea that their immigration status was insecure, others are more recent arrivals. Many are worried about their situation and may be detained after their criminal sentence under open-ended immigration powers with no time limit.

Volunteers do not provide legal or immigration advice but the Sussex University Migrant Law Clinic provides guidance if needed.

If you would like to join our prison visitor group please fill in the application form below and email to: info@losras.org